Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We are back!

SHAC Netherlands is back!

Today a small group of activists crossed the country to confront the puppie killers of Astra Zeneca, BMS, Sandoz and Astellas with the horror they pay for inside HLS.

We startded the day at Astra Zeneca in Zoetermeer. There the puppie killing cowards closed the door on us, so we could only enter the little front hall. We made a lot of noise just to let them know that we didn't forget them.

Then we went on to Bristol-Myers Squibb in Woerden. All the workers closed their blinds and did like no one's there. All the people in the Surrounding building were looking, and know what cowards BMS are and what HLS is doing in their name.

We thought lets visit an old friend, Sandoz, in Almere. It was two years ago that we visited them last, but they sure didn't forget about us. As soon as we were at the building two people were hastingly trying to close the door after some pulling we decided to stay outside instead and make some noise. Two minuts after we left we saw 1 cop van and a normal police car in front of Sandoz. We just got away Sandoz SEE YOU NEXT TIME!

This day was getting fun so we dicided to visit the bunkers of Astellas in Meppel. Here we were not even trying to walk inside. We confronted some workers as they left the carpark and made sure every body working inside the building new that they have the blood of innocent animals on their hands.